love as thou wilt

If I could change the world one little bit,

I would make a world where everyone could love, freely, whomever they wished. 

Love as many, or as few, as you please. Love whatever sex, gender, personality, or blood type you need.   Your children, love your parents, love that cousin that everyone tells you isn’t worth it.  Perhaps you have a coworker that dresses funny.  Love the person who isn’t like you, but is still kind, amazing, and beautiful.

Show love and compassion to everyone, without forcing yourself to condone every person and every behavior. Be the love you want to see in the world.

In movies, love is the conflict— and I get that conflict is interesting, but  I find most love based conflict to be annoying, rather than dramatic.

Love is a scarcity model. 

We’re afraid that if our partner loves freely, they wouldn’t choose us. We’re afraid we’re not capable of loving too many, without failing our loved ones.

I’ve had any number of people tell me, after I say all that I do for my partner, “Are you sure you’re okay with that?” I think people will respond with joy and exclaim, “That’s so amazing!” Instead, skeptics fear my partner is using me, only to discard me.

What might happen, if we abandoned fear for love?

Nearly every source of pain and frustration in my life, would go away if everyone practiced the principle of loving freely and honestly. 

Please, if you love me, tell me so.  If  you love someone, show it.  However you love, whomever you love, I hope you can be forthright about it. Not everyone will love you back the same, some will even hurt you. But a few will pour love, support, and happiness into your cup until it overflows. They are the ones that matter.

For the love of God, let’s stop wasting our efforts worrying that others are loving the “wrong” way.

Maybe we’d have cured cancer and poverty by now.  

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