sweetness of many loves, OR what I love about love, the


is she, the kitten showered with love
sent from her ever faithful kinky guardian angel
this kitten must be adored, spanked, and seen
smiling from her boudoir in the clouds,
telling her, “be safe, little kitten, and be loved.”

she loves

how love feels
awash in love, it warms her from within
lifts her higher than she believed possible
wraps her tightly through the dark night

she knows

her master in every way, as he knows her
she does not know which she loves more
the way he loves her, intimately, wholly, without judgement, or
(except to guide her to be the better version of herself)
the beautifully unique way in which he loves another woman, or
her own love for the strange, gorgeous woman in her bed, or
the friend with whom she shares a deep love

comparison is the thief of joy– and of love

it is beautiful
how she loves him
how she loves her
and her

as if an angel

falls into her lap
(even if they fly away again, the time spent was invaluable)
she loves that he loves her in a way that frees her, rather than traps her

love is pure
essential, invisible,

love is hers,
and she savors it as often as she is given a taste

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