kitten’s love manifesto, the

love me, 

because you find me soft, loving, kind, generous

because of what is in my mind

because I bring joy to your life and to the lives of those surrounding yours

not because of my body or my face, though I hope you love that, too!  It’s a lovely bonus.

if you can’t love me, 

if I derive my happiness from anyone but you

if I love anyone else

if I might love anyone else

if I love someone you don’t like

if you can’t choose who I love and who I don’t

if my mind, body, and soul aren’t wholly yours but also mine

if I am only a friend and not a girlfriend

if I expect you to be complete in yourself

…then you aren’t a good match for me.

i will love you, 

because of who you are

because of what you do for me

because you bring me joy

because you choose to share your time with me

because of you

…and I will ask you to love me for the same.

i might love you, but i won’t be with you, 

if you choose to associate with toxic influences

if you don’t want to share your time with me

if you can’t make a commitment to me

if you can’t reciprocate what I do for you

if you can’t tell me how you feel

if it turns out we’re just not that compatible

if i can’t grow with you

…I hope you understand, but I don’t need your understanding to live my life.  I’ll still love you.  I’ll always love you.

Love, for me, when it grows deep, never leaves.  

Whatever love means to you, I hope it brings you comfort.


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