why not allow a little more beauty into this world?

I had a perfect week.

I can’t imagine a more perfect week, perhaps an entirely different sort of perfect but not “more” perfect. It’s difficult, with all the pain surrounding us, but I don’t want to feel guilty for feeling, well, good. Happy. Floating in the clouds. Surrounded by love, support, everything anyone could claim to need or want. Good food, good drink, good games, good friends. Simple pleasures and more.

Does this erase the days I’ll spend crying and shouting into the void? No, but I also want to take a moment to simply be happy in the moment. In this moment.

Please do that for yourself. The craziness will never, ever stop. People desperately need your help, need you to Step Up Now. We don’t have time to wait for someone else to fix the shitty, broken pieces in our world.

But, also, allow yourself to wallow in your own happiness. Forget about the outside world. Walk outside, smell the roses (or whatever the equivalent is for you). Take a bubble bath. Pose nude in that lingerie you forgot about, or blow up some enemies (God, I’m obsessed with the Corpse Explosion in D3!).

Tell me, what have you done for yourself lately?

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